The Lost Within “Dream Cast”

This is how I envision my characters from the book. dream cast final

And some of the sights and places that inspired me while writing.

Aven's worldLucia's world

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Why time travel and not straight historical?

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a person experiencing a different time period, whether that person travels to the future or the past. Some of my favorite movies blend modern and historical time periods. Back to the Future, The Mummy, and Peggy Sue Got Married, to name just a few. I’m also a huge history buff. I love ancient Rome, Egypt, and the Renaissance period in Italy. I finally decided it was time to venture into the time travel arena, but to do it my way. Out of this desire came Lost Within, my first novel in this genre scheduled to release September 2017.

Imagine for a moment opening your eyes to find you’ve been plunked down five hundred years in the past. Even crazier, you’ve taken on the life of another woman. Where is she? Well, she’s living your life. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, there’s an added element of romance both of you must navigate. The decisions that must be made will ripple through time changing both the past and the present. This is the situation Aven and Lucia (Loo-Chee-ah) face in Lost Within.

Told from both perspectives, I aim to show that love is love, regardless of the century. I hope that readers of my contemporary romances will give this a chance. It’s not sci-fi or straight historical, but a thoroughly modern love story with a bit of a twist.

Next up is an as yet unnamed series about a woman named Stella who finds herself captivated by a mysterious stranger named Julien who has deep ties to her past. Stella discovers a secret that will lead her and Julien through time in a race to undo the curse that plagues her before it’s too late.